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Get a proper introduction to the AUM community!

The Office of Orientation and Transitions is here to help you get to know the program, services and resources that will position you for academic success and involvement in a diverse and vibrant campus community. New student orientation is an energizing, one-day event that is required for all new AUM students including first-time students, freshman transfer students and other transfer students. At orientation, you will:

  • Register for classes
  • Get your Warhawk ID
  • Tour the campus
  • Meet future friends and classmates
  • Learn about student services
  • Get your questions answered
Get a proper introduction to the AUM community!
International Student Orientation

Undergraduate Student Orientation

Student orientation is a great opportunity for you to learn about AUM’s programs, services, traditions, register for classes, and connect with your fellow classmates.

International Student Orientation

International student orientation is designed to assist you with the transition to the United States. You will learn about academics in the U.S., hear from professors, meet fellow students, and take tours of the campus and our home, Montgomery, Alabama.

Undergraduate Student Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The purpose of orientation is to provide a preview of Auburn University at Montgomery and register for classes.

Yes, Orientation is mandatory for all new degree-seeking students at AUM. You must attend an orientation session in order to register for classes. If you cannot attend Orientation due to an extenuating circumstance, we ask that you inform the Office of Orientation and Transitions. All students will be assessed the $125 Orientation Fee on their first tuition bill. The fee is not paid at or prior to orientation.

You are required to attend to get acclimated to campus as well as register for class.

While you can certainly register to attend Orientation and reserve your spot, you do have to be admitted to AUM prior to attending Orientation. The Office of Admissions can assist you with being admitted to AUM prior to your Orientation session, please call 334-244-3615 for admissions assistance. Students who are not admitted on the day of their scheduled Orientation will not be allowed to register for classes at Orientation.

You may change your Orientation date provided that another Orientation date session is still available. There is no charge for making this change.

Change Your Orientation Date

You will need your S-Number to change the date.

Lookup Your S-Number

Orientation fees cover your materials at Orientation, meals at Orientation, and programming for both Orientation and events during your first year at AUM.

If special assistance or auxiliary aids are needed to accommodate a disability, please contact the Center for Disability Services (CDS) at AUM 334-244-3631 or cds@aum.edu to discuss any accommodations at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session.

Yes. Please contact the Center for Disability Services (CDS) at AUM 334-244-3631 or cds@aum.edu to discuss accommodations at least one week prior to Orientation in order to ensure full participation with no inconvenience.

We feel that it is important for you to feel as comfortable as possible; however, AUM Orientation is set up to cater to new students and their parents/guests. If a friend comes with you, they would partake in our parent/guest program while you attend the student program.

My friend and I are signed up for the same Orientation session. Can we be in the same group?

No. Orientation is designed to be a productive preview and registration experience, and you’re required to check in on time and attend all Orientation events. Orientation sessions will end as soon as your registration process has been completed after lunch.

Yes, you can change your major at Orientation, but it is preferred for you to change it prior to Orientation. If you need assistance, contact us at orientation@aum.edu

You will receive attention from faculty or academic advisors in your major area of study. Academic advisement will prepare you to choose courses and to create a class schedule that fits into your academic plan at AUM.

Orientation is meant to be an independent experience for students. It is important that you understand the requirements of your academic major since your success is ultimately up to you. For that reason, you will go to your academic advisement session on your own. Your parents will have opportunities to hear from faculty and staff during the parent/guest program so their questions and concerns can be addressed.

Yes. Residence hall tours are available during the Wrap Up session at Orientation.  If you are unable to take a tour during your Orientation session, contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 334-244-3572.

You will not have to pay tuition or any of your other student fees at Orientation. However, you will have time to stop by Office of Student Accounts if you would like to set up a payment plan or discuss your bill.

Yes, a representative from Financial Aid will be available to answer individual questions in the Financial Aid Office located in the Taylor Center on the first floor.

For more information about orientation, contact the Office of Orientation and Transitions at (334) 244-3158.

Leon Higdon
Dean of Students
Taylor Center, First Floor

Catherine Straube

Catie Straube
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Taylor Center, First Floor

Jessmine Cornelius
Coordinator Orientation and Transitions
Taylor Center 153

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Taylor Center 101


7400 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

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