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University Honors Program

University Honors Program

The Honors Program at AUM offers an intellectual and social environment that empowers students to navigate the complexities of global citizenship. Our highly motivated, well-rounded and accomplished honors students develop and demonstrate creative and critical thinking as well as teamwork and leadership through:

  • Seminar-style courses with esteemed faculty
  • A unique and engaging curriculum that helps fulfill Core requirements
  • Study abroad and other travel opportunities
  • Prestigious scholarship eligibility
  • Undergraduate research opportunities that build a resume for graduate school
  • A community of motivated and scholarly peers and faculty
Spring 2022  
January 205 P.M.Pizza & Welcome Back, Honors!
February 105 P.M.Honors Assembly Meeting
March 410 A.M.Honors Committee Meeting
March 105 P.M.Honors Assembly Meeting
March 25Priority Registration for Summer and Fall
April 215 P.M.Honors Assembly & Graduation Celebration
Info for Current Students

Click here for more information and forms on advising, courses by contract, class schedules, service, and the Honors thesis process.

Scholarships & Awards

As an honors student, you may be eligible for special scholarships, grants and/or awards. AUM has other scholarships available.

What Our Students Say

One of our Honors students told us, “I feel surrounded by people who want to grow and learn, and that kind of environment is the best kind. I feel like I am part of something bigger than myself, which rocks!”

Info for Faculty

Honors courses are taught by some of AUM’s most effective and innovative faculty. We invite course proposals from AUM faculty members, and we invite recommendations from Honors students about faculty and topics for future seminars and colloquia.


More about the University Honors Program

The AUM University Honors program adds value to every major in each of AUM’s five colleges so that you can optimize your learning and your AUM college experience. Our honors students are a select group who comprise less than 3% of the university population. Is the Honors program for you?

AUM Food Pantry

The University Honors Program is very proud to be responsible for AUM’s Food Pantry. First opened in 2016, AUM’s Food Pantry was the idea of Honors alumna Sonni Gunnels and continues to be run by the AUM University Honors Program. We opened a second location in Warhawk Hall during the pandemic spring of 2020. We are thankful to the AUM community, our alumni, and other donors for their generous contributions, particularly during the pandemic.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research provides invaluable opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of your discipline or to prepare for graduate school.

Message from the Director

What is Honors?

According to the National Collegiate Honors Council (nchchonors.org), Honors education “provides opportunities for measurably broader, deeper, and more complex learning-centered and learner-directed experiences for its students than are available elsewhere in the institution.” 


If you have questions or if you would like any additional details about our Honors Program, please contact Ms. Jackie or Dr. Stallings in 801 Library Tower, at honors@aum.edu, or at 334-244-3226.


Want More Info About AUM?


Taylor Center 101


7400 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Call Today






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    Start your adventure to campus life by clicking on our interactive map. Discover the AUM scene and its unique work-life balance. Take a virtual tour of featured facilities that provide comfort, convenience, exercise, and relaxation. Join a community of independent living and group activities that offset the challenging work week.

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