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Advising now open for Spring 2022.

Must speak to an advisor to schedule classes.  Set an Appointment through AdvisorTrac.

Not sure who to talk to? 
Contact us now.

Office of Central Advising
Taylor Center 125
334- 244-3969

Academic advisors serve an important role in helping students get registered for classes and guiding them along their educational journeys. Not only will your advisor assist you in selecting the classes you need for graduation, he/she can also serve as a resource to you for any questions you may have during your time at AUM.

Upon admission to AUM, you are assigned an advisor based upon your major. These advisors are located in various offices across campus. If you are not sure who your advisor is or how to get in touch with him/her, please contact us.

You may find this additional information helpful:

Locating Your Advisor

There are two types of Advisors:

  • Declared Major Advisors – For those students who have decided on a degree to pursue.
  • Undeclared Advisors – For those students who have not declared a major.

Each semester students must meet with their Advisor to ensure a graduation path is defined.  This will save students valuable time and money.  Don’t take extra classes or mistakenly miss a class.  Your advisor will assist you in the quickest path to graduation.

Declared Major Advising
If you are fully admitted to AUM and have declared a major, you are advised in the college or department in which the major falls. Students with less than 59 hours in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Science are initially advised in the Office of Central Advising before transitioning to a faculty advisor. Please remember:

  • We require that you meet with your academic advisor before registering for classes so you can select courses that comply with your specific program/major requirements.
  • Your advisor will also want to talk to you about your overall academic progress.
  • Once your advisor gives signed approval for courses, you will obtain a personal identification number (PIN) that allows registration on AUM’s online registration system.
  • You should plan to meet with your advisor in person prior to each semester unless you are seeking a degree fully online.

Find your Declared Major Advisor through the College links below.

Undeclared Major Advising
As an Undeclared Student, you have several resources available to help you determine a major:

  • One-on-One Advising in Central Advising. To schedule an appointment, call (334) 244-3808.
  • The Student Success Battery administered by the AUM Counseling Center. To schedule an appointment, call (334) 244-3469.
  • FOCUS2, an online assessment tool used by the Career Development Center. For more information, call (334) 244-3342.
Amanda Tucker headshot

Amanda Tucker
Undeclared Major Advisor

Pre-professional Program Advising
Pre-professional curricula (e.g., pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-law) are not majors. If you are completing one of these curricula, you will be required to declare a specific major (Biology, Chemistry, Political Science, etc.). You will need advising in your pre-professional curriculum and in your major as well as your major degree to insure that you meet the requirements associated with your AUM degree plan as well as admissions criteria for your graduate or continued professional studies.

Bridge Program Advising
If you have been admitted to the Bridge program at AUM, you are advised by a member of the Bridge program staff. Learn more about the Bridge program

College of Business Advising

Academic advising assists students in realizing his/her educational goals and objectives. Advisors use their expertise to help students meet the academic requirements of the major program.

College of Education Advising

The core mission of the College of Education advising office is to assist students from admission to graduation. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors regularly to ask questions and seek guidance.

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Advising

The core mission of the College of Nursing and Health Science advising office is to assist students from admission to graduation. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors regularly to ask questions and seek guidance.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Advising

Meeting with an academic advisor at least once a semester is critical to your success. It’s also a great time to get help with other issues that may affect your academic progress.

College of Sciences Advising

Academic advising helps students understand the general education and graduation requirements, select and pursue a course of study, create a plan to graduation and solve academic problems.

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Taylor Center 101


7400 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Call Today






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