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Experiential Education and Engagement Center (EEEC)

Experiential Education and Engagement Center (EEEC)

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What do we do?

  • We help students enjoy a more complete and engaging university experience
  • Aid students in finding meaningful service-learning, undergraduate research, and internship opportunities
  • Create connections for students among professionals in the workplace, employers, faculty members, and other students
  • Develop partnerships and act as a communications hub between Campus & Community Stakeholders
  • Facilitate professional development for Faculty & Staff
  • Develop hands-on learning experiences that add value to our student’s degree program and enhances their resumes and/or portfolios
  • Promote new experiential learning opportunities for students
  • Support and develop programs that enhance student success

What is Experiential Education?

Experiential education is a teaching philosophy in which students are engaged in hands-on experiences that allow them to apply knowledge that they learned in the classroom. These experiences help further develop the problem-solving skills of students. They also provide them with a deeper understanding of their chosen career field, making them better prepared for life after graduation.

Scholarship Opportunities Available!

The Office of the Provost is sponsoring a (1) credit hour tuition scholarship!

To be eligible for this scholarship you must be registered for an approved Internship or Directed Undergraduate Research opportunity and must only apply once in the same semester. Students, please take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Application Deadlines:

Summer 2022– (May 18th-June 8th)

  • Opens: May 18th
  • Closes: June 8th

Fall 2022– (August 1st-August 22nd)

  • Opens: August 1st
  • Closes: August 22nd

Meet the EEEC Team:

Amy Ingram



(334) 244-3153

Brenda Plympton

Learning Specialist
Research Coordinator


(334) 394-5295

Scott Sterling

Data Analyst
Assessment Specialist



Want More Info About AUM?


Taylor Center 101


7400 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Call Today






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    Start your adventure to campus life by clicking on our interactive map. Discover the AUM scene and its unique work-life balance. Take a virtual tour of featured facilities that provide comfort, convenience, exercise, and relaxation. Join a community of independent living and group activities that offset the challenging work week.

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